Sussex Fund - Hardship

Find out how we're supporting students who find themselves in financial difficulty through no fault of their own, and who may not be able to complete their course as a result.

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Sussex fund hardship awards

Unexpected circumstances can affect anyone. For our students, this can mean having to give up a university education if, for example, a family member falls ill and can no longer support them.

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Sussex Fund supporters, we have been able to help a substantial number of UK and international students to continue with their studies, overcoming difficulties that might otherwise have forced them to cease their education. By making a gift to the Sussex Fund, you are helping to alleviate financial problems and reduce anxiety and stress.

Around 70 Sussex Fund hardship awards are made each year, averaging at around £500 per award. All applications are assessed by the Student Life Centre to ensure that need is genuine.

I found myself in unexpected financial difficulty. Receiving this award gave me time to refocus my energy on my studies and to find employment.” Nikita
Hardship Fund recipient

Whatever the reason, a small emergency grant from the Sussex Fund means that students will be able to continue their university education and follow their dreams of going out and making a difference in the world.


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