Sussex Fund - student experience and opportunities

Find out how we are funding initiatives to enrich our students' experience and wellbeing, and enhance their employability.

How we're helping our students 

Sussex has always attracted special students who are drawn here by its first-class, interdisciplinary learning and world-impacting research. In addition, we are proud to be able to provide a richly rewarding and distinctive experience for all who come to Sussex.

We know that some of the best experiences can take place outside the classroom, this is why the Sussex Fund works closely with the Students' Union and student groups to ensure a broad range of initiatives are funded philanthropically.

Student-led clubs and societies contribute greatly to students' experience of Sussex, supporting their academic studies and enhancing their social lives and general wellbeing. The Sussex Fund has underpinned 20 student-led initiatives, including promoting mental health awareness and hosting international conferences, over the past two years.

The Sussex Fund is committed to providing our students with every opportunity to go above and beyond, and to reach their potential – professionally, academically and socially – and where students do come across barriers to achieving this that are outside their control, the Sussex Fund is there to support them and help them get back on track.

Molly's story

Molly, an English Literature BA student, was recently presented with a life-changing opportunity. She was invited to travel to Harvard to attend their Arab Conference where her writing was to be showcased, forming part of an anthology about the hopes, dreams and experiences of children from the Al Abrar refugee camp in Lebanon. However, this golden opportunity was going to come at a significant cost:

"As a low-income student, I often struggle with education and travel costs, and the Harvard trip would have taken up a lot of my savings for a Master's degree."

Thanks to a Sussex Fund grant, Molly was able to attend the conference without damaging her prospects of further study. She promoted her writing, attended talks, and even exchanged contact details with the first Arab female to win the Nobel Peace Prize, Tawakkol Karman.

"The conference at Harvard taught me a huge amount about Syria, conflict resolution, child refugee psychology, and much more. I can now use this knowledge in my degree and in future charitable work and giving. The experience was truly invaluable, and I cannot thank our alumni enough for helping me to attend."


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