Board of the American Friends

Find out who sits on the board of the American friends.

Board members 2018-19
Position Name
Chair Mr Jonathan Catherwood (ENGAM 1984),
CEO Woodville Capital
Vice Chair Ms Adrienne C Drell (ENGAM 1964)
Secretary Ms Kate Fickle (SOC 1976)
Treasurer and Scholarships Committee Chair Dr John Sedlins (ARTS 1974)
Assistant Treasurer Dr Marina Pedreira-Vilarino (University of Sussex)
Events Committee Chair Ms Adrienne C Drell (ENGAM 1964)
  Dr Spiros Dimolitsas (SCITECH 1978)
  Dr Michael Finch (SCITECH 1975)
  Ms Judith Hasko (BIOLS 1984)
  Mr Peter Hermann (ENGAM 1972)
  Professor David Jackson (EURO 1974)
  Dr Douglas Kruse (ARTS 1972)
  Dr Andrew Rudd (MAPS 1971)
  Mr Michael Webb (ARTS 1983)
I'm a product of Sussex's enlightened approach to selecting students - a process that recognises potential not just actual academic qualifications. Sussex gave me a second chance to get it right!” Jonathan Catherwood
(ENGAM 1984), Chair of the Friends of the University of Sussex

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