American friends

About the Friends of the University of Sussex

The Friends of the University of Sussex was established as a registered 501(c)(3) in November 1996 and is run by a board of volunteers. The organization supports the University of Sussex in its development aims of raising funds for institutional priorities, in particular scholarships for students from the US and research areas of strength.

The objectives of the American Friends are to:

  • create networks between US alumni, friends, students and parents within the US and with the University of Sussex
  • support the Strategic Plan for the University - recruit American students and create academic ties within the US
  • support Sussex in its development aims of raising funds for the University and American Alumni scholarships
  • award scholarships to support American students.

The American Friends works in collaboration with the Development and Alumni Relations Office at the University of Sussex. While the American Friends do not currently have a staffed office in the United States, American Friends regional consuls have volunteered to be contact persons throughout the United States.

You can find more details about the recent work of the American Friends in their annual reports:

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