Looking for something to get your teeth into on your holidays, or on your daily commute? Here’s a small selection of Sussex alumni-authored books and broadcasts from the past year.

Alumni Library with books


Phillip Agnew (Marketing and Management 2002), Nudge.

Phillip’s psychology podcast explores what a 1960s murder can teach us about marketing today, and why marketers pay more to show you ads when you’re happy.

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Tooba Khan Niazi (Neuroscience 2014), Mind on the Matter

In the podcast, Tooba explores mental health, how it affects our lives and the need to consider its impact. In each episode she will be speaking to different healthcare professionals and people who have had experiences of mental health issues themselves, and getting their take on the scientific and social aspects of the conversation around mental health.

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Andrea Fox (English and Media Studies 2003), Age of Plastic. 

This podcast is for people who care about the planet. Each episode tackles a specific issue on how we can live more sustainably.

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Alex Lockwood (English Literature 2004), Shift and Signal

Shift and Signal explores the deeper adaptations we can make when responding to crises. It asks you to shift beyond stuck conversations about implementing change, and signal towards better ways of living.

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Molly Masters (English 2015), Books That Matter.

An offshoot of Molly’s award-winning feminist box subscription service,
the Books That Matter podcast discusses women and literature, featuring interviews with diverse authors and feminist icons.

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Rowena Morris (Product Design 2007), COVID-19: Business in Focus.

Rowena hosts PwC UK’s podcast series, inviting industry experts to look at the steps businesses can take to stay resilient as the world responds and adapts to the virus.

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Trade Bites.

A podcast series from the UK Trade Policy Observatory at the University of Sussex about global trade policy, including Brexit and the world trading system.

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Produced by students on Sussex’s MA podcasting module, Borderscapes looks at issues of crossing lines starting with stories from three women in self-isolation.

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Dean Atta (Philosophy and English 2003) The Black Flamingo.

Partly written whilst in residence on campus in 2019, Dean’s second book uses verse to tell the story of a boy who comes to terms with his identity as a mixed-race gay teen and then finds his wings as a drag artist. Hachette UK.

Nick Beale (Politics and International Relations 1972) Arado Ar 234 Bomber and Reconnaissance Units (Combat Aircraft).

A highly detailed book from renowned aviation historians Nick Beale and Robert Forsyth, which explores the history of this incredible aircraft, from its development in the early 1940s to its deployment throughout the rest of the war. Osprey Publishing.

Annie Beaumont (Social Anthropology 1995) Healing Hearts and Apple Tarts: And a Totally Demented Dalmatian!

Annie takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions, dramas and comedic situations in a spellbinding novel that weaves together romance, apple tarts – and a totally demented Dalmatian. Youcaxton Publications.

Gillian Bridge (English 1971) Sweet Distress: How Our Love Affair with Feelings has Fuelled the Current Mental Health Crisis (and what we can do about it.

Gillian examines the mental health crisis in the UK and makes the controversial case that it is, in no small part, driven by how we as people and as a modern society have learned to relate to our feelings and life events. Crown House Publishing.

Candice Carty-Williams (Media Studies 2007) Queenie.

Open, warm and immensely funny, Carty-Williams's sparkling debut is an unforgettable coming-of-age tale that explores black female identity and sexual politics in contemporary Britain. Orion.

Hande Çayir (Journalism and Documentary Practice 2018) Documentary as Autoethnography: A Case Study Based on the Changing Surnames of Women.

Women in Turkey are legally required to change their surnames when they marry. If they divorce, and wish to continue using their ex-husband’s surname, they must seek permission from both him and the state. Hande explores how such policies affect women and their rights. Vernon Press.

Hilary Cottam (Development Studies 1991)  Radical Help: How We Can Remake the Relationships Between Us and Revolutionise the Welfare State.

Bringing welfare reform into the modern era, Radical Help argues that our 20th-century system is beyond reform and suggests that we need to think differently about how we support the young, the old, the unwell, and those seeking work. Virago Books.

Steve Donohoe (Chemistry 1982) Interviews with Beekeepers.

A rare insight into the lives of commercial beekeepers, warts and all, Interviews With Beekeepers is gold dust to anyone who wants to know more about keeping bees, following Steve around the globe as he interviews highly respected beekeepers. Zuntold.

Liam Hackett (Business Marketing 2009) Fearless! How to be Your True, Confident Self.

Founder of anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label, Liam Hackett draws on interviews with inspirational people who have gone against the grain. Fearless! explores how the stereotypes we hold influence everything, from how we feel about our bodies to our career aspirations. Scholastic Books.

Gill Hasson (Social Anthropology 1997) Put Your Worries Away (Kids Can Cope series).

All children worry sometimes and they often need help learning how to deal with anxiety. In this picture book, young readers learn ways to help themselves when they feel anxious, nervous or fearful. Free Spirit Publishing.

Diarmuid Hester (English Literature 2005) Wrong: A Critical Biography of Dennis Cooper.

In Wrong, the first book-length study of Cooper’s life and work, is a lively retrospective appraisal of Cooper’s fifty-year career. University of Iowa Press.

Patrick Hicks (English Literature, 1999) In the Shadow of Dora.

In the Shadow of Dora spans two very different decades from the Nazi concentration camp of Dora-Mittelbau to the coast of central Florida in the late 1960s; the book tells the story of the real-life intersections between the horror of the Third Reich’s V-2 rocket program and the wonderment of the Apollo missions. SFA/Texas A&M Press.

Jenny Kartupelis (English 1982) Making Relational Care Work for Older People

Based on some 150 in-depth interviews over a period of five years, with older people, carers, community project and care home managers and owners around the UK, author Jenny Kartupelis offers insights into what most matters in helping people achieve greater emotional and physical wellbeing. Routledge.

Loren Kleinman (Creative and Critical Writing 2006) If I Don't Make It, I Love You: Survivors in the Aftermath of School Shootings.

In If I Don’t Make It, I Love You, Editors Amye Archer and Loren Kleinman collect more than sixty narratives from school shooting survivors, family members, and community leaders, covering fifty years of shootings in America. Skyhorse.

Peter W Lednor (Chemistry 1971) How to be Innovative: Early Stage Innovation for Scientists, Technologists and Others - From Idea to Proof-of-Concept.

Peter’s book covers key ideas in innovation, processes for stimulating and managing early-stage innovation, open innovation and behaviours and communications that support innovation. World Scientific Publishing.

Dr Daniel Lee (History and French, 2006) The SS Officer’s Armchair: In Search of a Hidden Life.

This book tells the story of the life of Dr Robert Griesinger from Stuttgart, an ordinary Nazi whose ambition propelled him to become part of the Nazi machinery of terror. Hachette USA.

Alex Lockwood (English Literature 2004) The Chernobyl Privileges.

Following multiple failed jobs, Anthony Fahey knows he's lucky to be given a last chance as a radiation monitor at HM Naval Base Clyde, only to find himself at the centre of an emergency that throws the base into crisis. Roundfire Books.

Inderjeet Mani (Psychology 1979) Toxic Spirits.

Toxic Spirits is a highly atmospheric thriller set in Thailand. Narrated with insightful meditations on nature and biodiversity, interspersed with macabre violence and dark hilarity, the novel is also a brilliant genetics and AI-inspired take on multiculturalism and personal identity. Calumet Editions.

Robina P. Marks (Gender and Development 1998) Tell us our story, Grandma.

In this moving children’s book, Robina narrates the story of how Africans first came to live in Sri Lanka.

Julian Sayarer (International Relations 2004) Fifty Miles Wide: Cycling Through Israel and Palestine.

Ten years after breaking a world record for cycling around the world, award-winning travel writer Julian Sayarer returns to two wheels on the roads of Israel and occupied Palestine. Arcadia Books.

Matthew Elton (Cognitive Science 1991) Talking It Better: From Insight To Change In The Therapy Room.

Talking it Better is a practical book about the everyday practice of counselling and psychotherapy, written by a practitioner for fellow practitioners. Using case studies based on his own clients, Elton carefully examines what helps and what hinders the process of change in the therapy room.

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