Where to stay

You can stay at the hotels below for a discounted rate as a University of Sussex guest, subject to availability. All hotels are in Brighton & Hove or the county of Sussex.

Brighton Pier seen from the left-hand side of the entrance as dusk sets in

How to book

To book, contact one of the hotels listed below. You must quote the relevant discount code when you book.

If you are a staff member and you want to book a conference or hotel rooms for visitors, check with the hotel about facilities.

Contact Caroline Lehany on +44 (0)1273 678460 or Sara Tooth on +44 (0)1273 877015 for more information.

Hotels in Brighton & Hove

The prices below are based on a standard double room at the current discounted rate. Prices may change without warning, and may be higher if you stay in another type of room, over the weekend or at certain times of year.

Graduation packages and summer accommodation

You can benefit from our discounted graduation packages at hotels in Brighton, Hove and Sussex or apply to stay in our on-campus accommodation at the University during the summer.

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