The First-Generation Scholars scheme

Your child has been invited to be part of the First-Generation Scholars scheme because they have the potential to study at university. We can help with important decisions about their futures and support you to advise them.

Events and activities

We run a range of activities at the University of Sussex and in your child's school or college.

These are designed to give information about higher education and a chance to experience university life, from a welcome talk and campus visit in Year 9 to specific advice on choosing a course, applying and finance in Year 12.

We hope to involve you by coming to Parents' Evenings in school or college to give information and answer questions, to deliver talks that explain the costs clearly and to invite you to visit the University if possible.

Working with schools and colleges

Because schools and colleges have agreed to work with us and choose when to take part in events, your child's studies won't be affected by involvement in the First-Generation Scholars scheme.

The programme is designed to add to students' learning as much as it is to give support and information about university.

A useful place to find out more about higher education is the Which? Parents' Guide to University.

If you have any questions, email