Sussex Psychosis Research interest Group (SPRiG)

COVID-19 and Unusual Experiences

We are looking for people aged 18-65 to take part in our online survey investigating the impact of COVID-19 on unusual experiences.

What is the study about?

This 30-minute survey is designed to investigate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and measures to restrict the spread of the virus on unusual experiences. The survey consists of several questionnaires which will ask about your experiences and behaviour during the pandemic, as well as unusual experiences that you may have had, your mood and your beliefs about the world.

Why should you take part?

Taking part in this study will help to improve our understanding of the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people's lives. It will also help us to understand more about what type of behaviours and experiences might lead to unusual experiences that can sometimes be distressing.  

What will taking part involve?

The survey will take around 30 minutes to complete. Some questions in the study will ask about your experiences and behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic. Some questions will ask about any unusual experiences that you may have had during this time, as well as your mood and beliefs about the world.

Who can take part?

Anybody aged 18-65 can take part in this online survey.

How can I take part?

Data collection for this study has now finished.