Sussex Psychosis Research interest Group (SPRiG)

Current Research

You can explore our current research studies using the links on the left side of the page.

There is a description of the purpose and nature of each study, as well as contacts for the lead reserachers if you would like to find out more information or get involved. 

 TitleLocal contact

NIHR funded:


PRODIGY: Prevention of long term social disability amongst young people with emerging psychological difficulties: A definitive randomised control trial of social recovery cognitive behavioural therapy

Dr Clio Berry

Other: SlowMo: A digital therapy for people who fear harm from others

Evelin Vogel


Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust funded: U&I: updake and implementation of CBT for unusual distressing experiences (psychosis)

Katie Alford


C4C: Caring for carers

Dr Cassie Hazell




Student research:
UNICOrN: Unusual experiences and function in young people 

Abigail Wright


Peoples' journeys with voice hearing over time

Leanne Bogen-Johnston


Vista: Voice-hearing in young people: distress factors and social relating

Aikaterini Rammou