Pulling exercises

Half RearKeeping a balance of the body requires us to work in all the planes of movements, knee, hip, push and pull. Pulling movements work in two planes, vertical and horizontal.

Vertical Pull – Movements in this category of the Sussexsport fitness training philosophy requires pulling a resistance towards the centre line of the body. Vertical Pull movements generally target the latissimus dorsi muscle.

One Signature Pulldown
Two MTS High Row
Three Half Kneeling Cable High Pull
Four Assisted Chin Dip
Five Chin Ups

Horizontal Pull – Movements in this category look at pulling a resistance towards the chest, generally targeting the latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscle. Progressions here look at learning to stabilise the core. Keeping the core strong and stable will allow us to exert a greater force when we come to the bench press.

One Signature Row
Two MTS High R
Three Inverted Row
Four Single Arm Dumbbell Row
Five  Bent Over Row