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EPERN Referendum Briefings

Please note that the EPERN was originally launched as the Opposing Europe Research Network (OERN) but in August 2003 the network was retitled to reflect a broadening out of the network's research focus.


No. 19: The referendum on the European Fiscal Compact Treaty in the Republic of Ireland, 31 May 2012
John FitzGibbon, Canterbury Christ Church University

No. 18: Croatia's EU Accession Referendum, 22 January 2012
Andrea Čović, University of Zagreb

No. 17: The Second Referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon in the Republic of Ireland, 2 October 2009
John Fitzgibbon, University of Sussex

No.16: The Referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon in the Republic of Ireland, 12 June 2008
Michael Holmes, Liverpool Hope University

No 15: Europe and Romania's presidential impeachment referendum May 2007
Ed Maxfield, University of Sussex

No 14: Luxembourg's Referendum on the European Constitutional Treaty, 10 July 2005
Piere Hausemer, London School of Economics

No 13: The Dutch Referendum on the Ratification of the European Constitutional Treaty, 1 June 2005
Robert Harmsen, Queen's University Belfest

No 12: The French Referendum on Ratification of the Constitutional Treaty, 29 May 2005
Sally Marthaler, Sussex European Institute

No 11: The Estonian EU Accession Referendum of September 14 2003
Evald Mikkel, University of Tartu

No 10: Latvia's EU Accession Referendum of September 20 2003
Professor Geoffrey Pridham, Department of Politics, University of Bristol

No 9: The Swedish Referendum on EMU of September 14 2003
Dr Nicholas Aylott, Department of Political Science, Umeå University

No 8: The Lithuanian EU Accession Referendum, 10-11 May 2003
Liudas Mazylis and Ingrida Unikaite, Vytautas Magnus University
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No 7: The Slovak EU Accession Referendum, 16-17 May 2003
Karen Henderson, University of Leicester

No 6: The Czech EU Accession Referendum, 13-14 June 2003
Sean Hanley, Brunel University

No 5: The Polish EU Accession Referendum 7-8 June 2003
Aleks Szczerbiak, Sussex European Institute, University of Sussex

No 4: The Hungarian EU Accession Referendum 12 April 2003
Brigid Fowler, Centre for Russian and East European Studies, European Research Institute, University of Birmingham

No 3: The Slovenian EU (and NATO) Accession Referendum(s), 23 March 2003
Damjan Lajh and Alenka Krasovec, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana

No 2: The Maltese EU Accession Referendum, 8 March 2003
Dr Michelle Cini, Department of Politics, University of Bristol

No 1: Ireland's Second Referendum On The Treaty of Nice, October 2002
Dr Karin Gilland, School of Politics, Queen's University Belfast

The September 2004 issue of West European Politics (Volume 27 No 4) is a special one devoted to the 2003 EU accession referendums containing articles by EPERN members. Click here for more details