BrainShare is a system that links together research participants with researchers at the University of Sussex who are studying the functioning of the brain.

BrainShare will not only increase our scientific knowledge about the brain but may also lead to clinical benefits in the future.

To be a participant, you will need to have had an MRI scan of your brain, as a healthy volunteer, at the CISC (Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre) on the University of Sussex campus and have opted to be included in the BrainShare database.  Researchers can then use your scan again in other contexts.  For instance, your scan could be used as part of a normative sample to compare against a clinical group.  In addition, participants on the database are invited to take part in further research (e.g. involving online questionnaires, or computer-based tests).  This enables researchers to link differences in brain structure (from your scan) with different kinds of ability.  You can find out about ongoing and past research from this website.  There is no obligation to take part in further research – you can opt in to as many or as few studies as you like, and you can ask to be removed from the database at any time.

This database has ethical approval and is maintained and managed to University of Sussex standards. All projects that use this database will have been approved by a University Ethical Review.