How do nervous systems sense the world and generate behaviours? How do circuits of neurons process information? And how can we treat diseases that interfere with these processes? Answering these questions is a challenge that involves disciplines from molecular biology to engineering and psychiatry to computer science.

At the University of Sussex, there are over 50 research groups working on these questions, and this community is represented by Sussex Neuroscience. Our aim is to further world-class research that will help us understand the nervous system in both health and disease.

Eisuke FosActivated medium spiny neurons expressing Fos

MRC Discovery Award to create a “window into the brain” 

Scientists in the Neuroscience Center have been awarded £800,000 by the MRC to develop new methods for optical imaging in deep brain structures. The title of the application was “A window into the brain: Imaging neural circuits involved in behaviour and neuropathologies”.

This initiative will build directly from the investment that Sussex Neuroscience has recently made in multiphoton microscopy in the “Brain Activity Laboratory”. Optical methods allow the activity of neural circuits to be probed with a resolution of individual neurons and even synapses, and they can now be applied during behavioural tasks using special devices. The major aim of the Award will be to develop these technologies at Sussex and provide seed-funding for projects that apply them to the analysis of neural circuits involved in behaviours such as addiction and neuropathologies such as Alzheimer’s Disease. 

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Prof. Barbara Sahakian's keynote lecture on "Early detection and improving cognition in neuropsychiatric disorders".

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