Photo of Jim Watson

Jim Watson
Associate Faculty (University of Sussex Business School)


Current DPhil research students:

  • Irene Maffini on finance and low carbon innovation (UKERC studentship)
  • Anna Watson on low carbon innovation systems (UKERC studentship)

Completed DPhil research students:

  • Emily Cox (2017) 'Assessing energy security in a low-carbon context. The case of electricity in the UK'
  • Jonathan Dolley (2016) 'Sustainability, resilience and governance of an urban food system: a case study of peri-urban Wuhan'
  • Tammy-Ann Sharp (2014) 'Exploring the potential impacts of Carbon, Capture and Storages Technologies on the Diversity of the UK electricity system to 2050'
  • Jose Opazo (2014): 'The politics of systems innovation for emerging technologies: understanding the uptake of off-grid renewable electricity in rural Chile'
  • Jenny Lieu (2013): 'Influences of policy learning, transfer and post transfer learning in the development of China’s wind power sector'
  • Dierk Bauknecht (2011): 'Transforming the Grid: Electricity system governance and network integration of distributed generation'
  • Mehdi Majidpour (2011): 'The Dynamics of Technological Catching-up: The Case of Iran’s Gas Turbine Industry'
  • Rudi Haum (2011): 'Transfer of Low-Carbon Technology under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: The Case of the Global Environment Facility and its Market Transformation Approach in India'
  • Zeeda Fatimah Mohamad (2009): 'The role of universities in national catching-up strategies: fuel cell technology in Malaysia and Singapore'