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Jim Watson
Associate Faculty (University of Sussex Business School)

Selected publications


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Book Section

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Edited Book

Ekins, Paul, Bradshaw, Mike and Watson, Jim, eds. (2015) Global energy: issues, potentials and policy implications. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780198719526

Conference or Workshop Item

Watson, Jim and Byrne, Robert (2011) China’s low carbon technology ambitions: the relationship between indigenous innovation and technological transfer. In: Research Network “Governance in China” and Association for Social Science Research on China (ASC) Joint International Conference, 9-11 December 2011, University of Hamburg, Germany.

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Conference Proceedings

Lovell, Katherine, Watson, Jim and Hiteva, Ralitsa Navigating complexity for next generation infrastructure: integrating governance and modelling analysis. International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure, One Great George Street, London, 11th-13th September 2017. Published in: ISNGI Conference Proceedings 2017. 250-260.

Reports and working papers

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