Mood and Anxiety Research in Sussex (MARS)

Current research

NIHR Portfolio studies

TitleChief Investigator(s)FinishContact

Cardiac control of fear in the brain (BraveHeart).

Prof Hugo Critchley


Hugo Critchley

The Restless Mind: Default Mode of Operation or Risk Factor for health?

Prof Hugo Critchley


Hugo Critchley

Transmission Of Anxiety From Parent To Child: Investigating Cognitive-Behavioural Processes, Developing And Piloting A Brief Preventative Intervention (ASPI)

Dr Sam Cartwright-Hatton


Suzanne Dash       

Genetics of child anxiety (ASPI Genetics)

Dr Sam Cartwright-Hatton


Suzanne Dash


The effectiveness of self-help mindfulness.


Lizzie Clark

(Supervisors: Dr Clara Strauss & Dr Kate Kavanagh)


Lizzie Clark

ADE Project On Mental Capacity And Bipolar Disorder: Experience Of People With Bipolar Disorder And Psychiatrists In The Use Of The Mental Capacity Act To Plan In Advance For The Severe Episodes Of Illness (PARADES).

Prof Peter Bartlett



Changes in cortisol excitability in social anxiety (SOCANX)

Dr Yoki Nagai




Process and Outcome in Anorexia Nervosa: a search for mediators (ROSANA).


Prof Iain Campbell


Clara Strauss

Hypermobility and autonomic hyperactivity: Relevance for the expression of psychiatric symptoms.

Dr Jessica Eccles 8/31/2015

Jessica Eccles

Mechanisms of IFN Induced Depression in Hepatitis-C

Dr Neil Harrison 11/22/2015

Ella Cooper

Investigation of the Mechanisms Through Which Anti-TNF Therapies Reduce Fatigue in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dr Neil Harrison 11/13/2015

Neil Harrison

Other funded studies

TitleChief Investigator(s)FundingContact

A pilot RCT of a self-help mindfulness intervention for depression

Dr Clara Strauss

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Clara Strauss

An online feasibility study examining mechanisms of the mood-as-input model with frequent worriers

Prof Graham Davey

University of Sussex, School of Psychology

Graham Davey


Non-funded studies

TitleChief Investigator(s)

Carer Involvement in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Lucy Hale


Mindfulness-based therapies: Predictors of outcome


Moitree Banerjee

(Supervisors: Dr Clara Strauss & Dr Kate Kavanagh)