Mood and Anxiety Research in Sussex (MARS)


The Mood and Anxiety in Sussex Lab is based at the University of Sussex. Professor Graham Davey is head of the lab and other lab members include Dr Frances Meeten (Reseach Fellow), and Suzanne Dash (DPhil student). Core research interests include Experimental Psychopathology and Anxiety Disorders.

Selected current projects

1. A 3 year ESRC grant awarded to Graham Davey

The grant examines details of the proximal mechanisms that generate worry perseveration and investigates the potential involvement of three important dispositional factors (negative mood, poor problem-solving confidence, and intolerance of uncertainty) in these mechanisms. The aims of the research programme are to examine whether these dispositional factors (1) directly affect behavioural measures of worry perseveration, (2) influence goal-setting strategies for worrying, and (3) facilitate specific types of information processing that give rise to perseveration.

2. Mood-as-input theory as an explanation of perseverative psychopathologies.

3. The role of the disgust emotion in psychological disorders.

Current DPhil projects

Negative mood and systematic processing in perseverative worry: Suzanne Dash