Mood and Anxiety Research in Sussex (MARS)

Welcome to Mood and Anxiety Research in Sussex

MARS is a collaboration between Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SPFT), University of Sussex and Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS). This research theme includes research concerning the role of mood in mental health and wellbeing. It encompasses research into a variety of mental health conditions, including bipolar, affective and anxiety conditions.

Key roles of the group are:

1.  Facilitating collaboration between University of Sussex, BSMS and SPFT researchers interested in mood and anxiety research.

2.  Increase the number of high quality, funded mood and anxiety research studies.

3.  Translating research into practice and training, through collaboration with clinicians and service users interested in research.

4.  Raising the profile of mood research in Sussex, by increasing the number of  peer-reviewed  publications in mood and anxiety research.

 If you have any questions about MARS, upcoming events, or would like information added to the website, please email

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Professor Graham Davey presenting at the MARS November 2012 conference   Metacognitive Therapy presentation by Professor Graham Davey at the MARS November 2012 conference