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The Penn Laboratory

We use a cohesive, multidisciplinary research approach encompassing bioinformatics, molecular biology, cell and slice culture and patch-clamp electrophysiology to investigate how genetic changes in glutamate receptors influence excitatory synaptic transmission in health and disease and affect glutamate receptors as therapeutic targets. Aspects of our work are in collaboration with the Sussex Drug Discovery Centre.

We anticipate that our basic research findings will ultimately contribute to resources used by genetic counsellors that could have a positive impact on the care and well-being of patients suffering genetic diseases in glutamate receptors. On a broader level, understanding the effect of common genetic variation on drug action in the nervous system will facilitate the drug discovery process and could support the personalisation of current and future medicines. 

Our lab is funded by the UK Medical Research Council

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Portrait photo of Andrew Penn

Dr Andrew Penn

Research Fellow (Neuroscience)


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