Morrow Lab


Some selected publications

Morrow, E.H. & Camus, M.F. 2017. Mitonuclear epistasis and mitochondrial disease. Mitochondrion.

Tanya M Pennell, Freek JH de Haas, Edward H Morrow, G Sander van Doorn. 2016. Contrasting effects of intralocus sexual conflict on sexually antagonistic coevolution. PNAS. 113: E978–E986. Link

Gilks, W.P., Abbott, J.K. & Morrow, E.H. 2014. Sex differences in disease genetics: evidence, evolution, and detection. Trends Genet. 30: 453–463. Link

Reinhardt, K, Dowling DK and Morrow EH. 2013 Mitochondrial Replacement, Evolution, and the Clinic. Science 341: 1345-1346 Abstract

Innocenti P, Morrow EH and Dowling DK. 2011. Experimental evidence supports a sex-specific selective sieve in mitochondrial genome evolution. Science 332: 845-848. Abstract

A complete list of my publications can be found on my Google Scholar or ResearcherID page.