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My lab tries to share as much data as possible. Below is a rather incomplete list of links to raw data used in some of our papers. All the main genomic datasets are listed and I will try to update with raw phenotypic data from earlier papers when I have time. Please feel free to email me ( if there is something specific you want that is not listed here.

Whole genome resequencing

Sussex Drosophila Sequencing (Zenodo community) - whole-genome resequencing of 220 hemiclonal Drosophila melanogaster from a lab-adapted population (LHm). See our F1000 Research paper for details.
Raw reads and alignments at NCBI Sequence Read Archive, accession number SRP058502.
Variants called by GATK HaplotypeCaller at dbSNP
Variants called by GenomeStrip at dbVar (accession number nstd134).

Pilot study into whole-genome resequencing of hemiclonal Drosophila melanogaster
BioProject: 279479

RNA sequencing

Drosophila melanogaster developmental quantitative genetic transcriptome (used in Ingleby et al. 2016 bioRxiv)
SRP068235 - SRA - NCBI


Sex-specific mRNA and miRNA expression data from Drosophila melanogaster larvae, pupae and adults (used in Ingleby et al 2014 Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology)
Series GSE57322

Post-mating expression of female D. melanogaster genomes experimentally evolved under different post-copulatory sexual selection regimes (used in Innocenti et al 2014 BMC Evolutionary Biology)
Series GSE30089

Expression profiles of D. melanogaster males with DX mothers and X-chromosomes that were subjected to male-limited evolution (used in Abbott et al 2013 PLoS ONE)
Series GSE37325

Effect of mitochondria on nuclear gene expression in D. melanogaster (used in Innocenti et al 2011 Science)
Series GSE24729

Female D. melanogaster gene expression and mate choice: candidate genes underlying sexual isolation (used in Bailey et al 2011 PLoS ONE)
Series GSE27076

Expression profiles of male and female adult D. melanogaster from 15 hemiclonal lines (used in Innocenti and Morrow 2010 PLoS Biology)
Series GSE17013

Immunogenic males: a genome-wide analysis of reproduction and the cost of mating in D. melanogaster females (used in Innocenti and Morrow 2009 JEB)
Series GSE12834

Phenotypic data

Fitness data of 100 male and female D. melanogaster hemiclonal lines (used in Innocenti and Morrow 2010 PLoS Biology; in .xls format as website content system will not upload .csv)
Male (rep - replicate; H - hemiclonal line; wt - number of wildtype offspring; bw - number of brown-eyed compeititor offspring; tot - total offspring)
Female (rep - replicate; H - hemiclonal line; f1-f5 - fecundity of individual females 1-5)