Kostakis Lab

Eddie Loukopoulos

I originally come from Greece, where I received my BSc in Chemistry (University of Patras) in 2012. In 2014 I received an MSc from the same university, studying Structural Chemistry/X-Ray Crystallography (Prof. Vassilios Nastopoulos). During this time I also visited Sussex University (Dr George Kostakis' research group) under the Erasmus Placements Programme. I joined the University of Sussex in 2014 to pursue my PhD in Chemistry. Older research projects include a) the synthesis and characterization of 3d and 3d/4f coordination clusters with interesting magnetic or catalytic properties, b) the design, synthesis and crystal engineering studies of a system which exhibits extraordinary (pseudo)polymorphism using Cu(II) sources and imidazole-based ligands.
My current research focuses on the synthesis and catalytic activity of one- and two-dimensional coordination polymers, using semi-rigid N-based ligands. We aim to establish a library of well-characterized CPs which may be used as catalysts in various organic reactions, and by fine tuning their composition to be able to optimise their catalytic performance.