Kostakis Lab


Visiting Prof

Assist. Prof. Mohammad Azam,


Dr. Vasiliki Ntokorou, Dr. Prashant Kumar, Dr. Irina Kühne (Visiting), Dr. Michael Kallitsakis (Visiting),


Edward Loukopoulos

I originally come from Greece, where I received my BSc in Chemistry (University of Patras) in 2012. In 2014 I received an MSc from the same university, studying Structural Chemistry/X-Ray Crystallography (Prof. Vassilios Nastopoulos). During this time I also visited Sussex University (Dr George Kostakis' research group) under the Erasmus Placements Programme. I joined the University of Sussex in 2014 to pursue my PhD in Chemistry. Older research projects include a) the synthesis and characterization of 3d and 3d/4f coordination clusters with interesting magnetic or catalytic properties, b) the design, synthesis and crystal engineering studies of a system which exhibits extraordinary (pseudo)polymorphism using Cu(II) sources and imidazole-based ligands. My current research focuses on the synthesis and catalytic activity of one- and two-dimensional coordination polymers, using semi-rigid N-based ligands. We aim to establish a library of well-characterized CPs which may be used as catalysts in various organic reactions, and by fine tuning their composition to be able to optimise their catalytic performance. orcid.org/0000-0001-9067-9499

Kieran Griffiths

I received my BSc in Chemistry (University of Surrey) in 2012, followed by an MRes in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical science (University of Brighton) in 2013. I joined the University of Sussex in 2014 to pursue my PhD in Chemistry. The current aim of my research is to synthesise “hybrid” molecular materials, with Schiff bases, exhibiting fluorescence or catalytic properties and displaying extraordinary SMM behaviour.

Zainab Sulaimain (Visiting)


Joe Maddocks, Benjamin Berkoff

Junior Research Associate / Erasmus Visiting Researchers

Christian Harding, Victoria Keeble, Eddie Loukopoulos, Smaragda Lymperopoulou, Alexandra Michail, Stavroula Sampani, Oliver Townrow