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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Research in the Day laboratory focuses on the development and application of magnetic resonance methods to probe molecular association and aggregation processes. NMR spectroscopy is almost uniquely placed to provide information on both the structure and dynamics of molecules in both the solution and solid state. This ability is most clearly demonstrated in the fields of small molecule and protein solution structure determination and the study of protein solution dynamics.

The association of small molecules into larger non-covalent assemblies has applications across chemistry, biology and nano-scale material science. For example, the self-association of amphipathic drug molecules into aggregates can reduce oral bioavailability, while their assembly into micellar structures can strongly influence the drug’s ability to permeate cell membranes and reach the intended target site. The aggregation of various proteins and peptides is implicated in more than 20 human disease pathologies.

We are using NMR to probe these fascinating processes with current research focussed on the application of diffusion NMR and chemical exchange methods. We are also interested in other applications of NMR spectroscopy, including small molecule structure elucidation and investigating protein-ligand interactions. Many of these latter areas involve collaboration with other groups within the School.


Dr Iain J Day

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and NMR Spectroscopy

University of Sussex
Chichester II Building
Brighton, BN1 9QJ

T +44 1273 876622
F +44 1273 876687

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