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Public Engagement and Outreach Activities

APEX Public Engagement Grant: "Tensors – a powerful way to compute"

The main APEX research grant aims to develop new tensor-structured quantum chemical methods for few particle systems.

We have developed:

  • Masterclass called "Big Data in STEM" for year 12 and 13 student

  • Game for all ages to play at science festivals: This device was designed and developed with 

    Dr Jonathan Hare

  • A series of vidoes to explain the importance of fundamental science and the key concepts that we used in our research

Here are links to the videos

What is computational chemistry?

In this video we explain the meaning of computational chemistry and quantum chemistry and how computational quantum chemistry can be used to solve real life problems.

What are scalars, vectors, matrices and tensors?

In this short video a 8 x 8 x 8 LED array is used to help teach how scalars, vectors, matrices and tensors are used in the computational aspects of our research. In this video we describe how the device can be used in 'demo mode' to highlight the mathematics.

Tensor Game

In this video the 8 x 8 x 8 LED device is used in 'game mode' - we describe three games: 1) the coordinates of a vector, 2) find the dimensions of an array and 3) 'crack the matrix' game.

How the tensor game and demo device was made

This video describes how the array of 512 bright white light LEDs was made and the two modes: i) a game mode for participants at science festivals and workshops and ii) a demonstration mode for teaching. 


Quantum Leap Game 



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