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Frances Pearl 

Frances set up the bioinformatics lab in September 2013.




Current Lab Members

Sarah Wooller  Postdoc (2022-)

Jo Renaut  PhD SoCoBio Industry Student with Oppilotech (2021-2025)

Adnan Cinar PhD Student (part-time, 2020-2026)

Fahmida Banani MPhil Student (part-time, 2018-2024)

Katrin-Maria Zhivkova  MSci project student (2022-2023)



Bioinformatics Lab Alumni


Jan Seidel (2014-2015)

Nicholas Johnson (2016-2017)


Research Students

Sarah Wooller PhD Computational analysis of patterns of DNA damage. (2016-2021)

Graeme Benstead-Hume PhD Exploiting patterns in genomic data for personalised cancer treatment and new target discovery. (2015-2019)

Hanadi Baeissa PhD Identifying driver mutations in cancers. (2014-2018)

Yusuf Ali PhD Design, synthesis and characterisation of tool inhibitors targeting BLM helicase.  (2014-2018)

Tina (Xiangrong) Chen PhD  Discovering inhibitors of human Bloom syndrome protein (BLM). (2014-2018)


Taught Masters Students

Ellie Brooks MSci (2021-2022)

Alex Jasnosz MSci(2021-2022

Sajan Mahmud MSci (2021-2022)

Athina Zoumperi MSci (2021-2022)

James Sharpe MSci (2020-2021)

Jo Baker MSc (2020-2021)

Tom Naccarato MSci (2020-2021)

Dean Sumner MSc (2017-2018)

Erfan Hosseinian Rad MSc (2017-2018)

Nikita Naik MSc (2017-2018)

Ahmad Ebadi (2015-2016)

Simon Guillaume. MSc (2014-2015)

Thomas Woodall MSc (2013-2014)