Bagley Lab


State-Of-The-Art Laboratories for Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Our newly refurbished synthetic laboratories host excellent facilities for modern synthetic organic chemistry and drug discovery, with a dedicated suite of automated CEM and Biotage microwave synthesizers, Biotage Isolera column purification systems, mass-directed LC purification, bespoke microwave flow reactor technology and Braun solvent purification system. Analytical facilities support our synthetic work, with three high-field NMR spectrometers, two liquid state spectrometers (400 and 500 MHz) and a 600 MHz spectrometer for more detailed analyses, as well as a dedicated team of support staff, nine state-of-the-art, analytical mass spectrometers including triple quadrupoles, ion trap, double focusing systems , high resolution Fourier transformer, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer and a TOF unit allowing analysis of small and large molecules. We gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support of the R M Phillips Trust for outfitting our laboratories so that our research teams enjoy a wonderful research environment.

Left to right. Top: Suite of CEM Explorers; CEM Voyager; Braun Solvent Purification System; Biotage Isolera. Middle:10 mL microwave reactor; 80 mL microwave reactor; CEM Discover. Bottom: Lab bench; write-up area.

 Microwave synthesizersVoyagerBraun instrumentBiotage Isolera10 mL flow cell80 ml flow cellCEM DiscoverbenchWrite up areas

We gratefully acknowledge the following agencies for supporting our work: