Department of Geography

REDD-related climate policy

Understanding the impacts of REDD-related climate policy on land cover dynamics, ecosystem services and poverty alleviation

The application and impacts of REDD related policy to the developing world requires an interdisciplinary approach relating cutting-edge research on carbon monitoring, agricultural practices and land cover change, floral and faunal biodiversity monitoring, to the efficient and effective delivery of resources to local communities. This brings in expertise from across the Sussex school and university including Evan Killick (Anthropology),  Alexander Antonarakis and Pedram Rowhani (Geography), and Mika Peck,  Jorn ScharlemannAlan Stewart (Ecology). The potential of this research is to generate sustainable long-term income that will support poverty alleviation by income generation through REDD programmes. Research here is currently focused in the Western Amazon and in Papua New Guinea. This effort will be supported by the Sussex Sustainability initiative.

Key staff: Alex AntonarakisPedram Rowhani


Banner image: Mick Frogley.  REDD+ image: Duke