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Paul Boyce and Aniruddha Dutta on The Conversation

Prompting international outrage, the Supreme Court of India has overturned a “reading-down” of the notorious Section 377 of the India Penal Code.

This, in effect, reinstated a law that is widely understood to criminalise homosexuality. Many see this as a betrayal of basic human rights, particularly freedom of sexual expression and protection from harassment and abuse on grounds of sexual difference.

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Sussex alumnus Ken Banks talks about his Sussex experience and his career

Since graduating from Sussex in 1999 with a BA in Social Anthropology and International Development Ken Banks has become a leader in the field of technology within International Development, won a number of awards including National Geographic Emerging Explorer and Tech Awards Laureate, and even found himself on stage discussing how to change the world with Desmond Tutu. Watch Ken talk about how his degree and experience at Sussex helped to shape his career.

realising global rightsRealising Rights to Global Health

This study led by Dr. Maya Unnithan, focused on the Indian state of Rajasthan and tracked the transmission of rights ideas and practices trans-nationally and through to local recipients.

More details are available on the Realising Rights to Global Health website

Maya was also recently interviewed for a wellcome trust film on public engagement and the contribution of social sciences and humanities.

A copy of the report on this project is available:

Thinking through Rights-based Development in Health: Institutional approaches to social inequality and gender violence in reproductive, maternal and sexual health (All India consultation and dissemination workshop report, Institute of Development Studies) [PDF 2.40MB]

An overview of the final conference report is available:

Global Flows, Human Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Health: Ethnographies of Institutional Change in the Global South (International conference, University of Sussex, July 4-5, 2011). [DOCX 34.47KB]

Tackling TB from Wellcome Trust International Eng on Vimeo.

In Good CompanyInside the Everyday Lives of Development Workers

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Past students share what they are all doing

Second year Development student presents paper

Our students use what they learn here at Sussex to take part in wider academic debates. For example, Andy Chapman, a second year International Development with French student, presented a paper at the University of East London Development Conference in November 2012:

Why is further research necessary to properly understand the potential negative impacts that female - centric development work may have on men? [PDF 324.30KB]