Centre for World Environmental History

Graduate student associates

Ambika Aiyadurai - Hunting in Arunachael Pradesh.

James Cullis - In my research I focus on how 18th century stadial theorists in the Scottish Enlightenment understood and dealt with issues surrounding the environment within their work.  I’m also interested in the history of the intellectual relationship between climate and society.

Roshan Salgado Darcy - allaboutclimate blog

Alexander Elliot - Main research interest is the social and political history of solidarity, but also working on Climate Change and the Humanities.

James Hamilton - The history of poaching in England.

Kai Heron - International political ecology, extractive industries, human rights, resistance and post-humanist thought.

Daniel Ingram - research on quantifying the harvest, consumption and sale of wildlife in the tropics.

Aditya Ramesh 

Pin-Hsien Wu - A comparative study of environmental management in India and China.

Khalid Zahid - The Sutlej Valley project.