Theoretical Particle Physics


Our research aims at: unravelling the physics at the electroweak scale, in particular through exploitation of the results of LHC expriments; understanding the evolution of the Universe in terms of the fundamental laws of physics; exploring the quantum nature of gravity and its implications for particle physics and cosmology. Our research activity naturally splits over five science areas

Particle Cosmology

Classical and Quantum Gravity

Beyond the Standard Model

Renormalisation Group in Quantum Field Theory

LHC and flavour physics phenomenology

We welcome applications from potential PhD students interested to work on these topics. See here for more information on how to apply for a PhD studentship with us.


This work is aided by our membership of the National Cosmology Supercomputer consortium, giving access to a 152 processor Intel Altix machine. On site, we share facilities with the Astronomy group, including 9 dual-processor servers and 25 desktops running Scientific Linux 4.2, and shortly to include a Linux cluster shared with the Department of Mathematics.


Seminars and Workshops

We have weekly informal and formal seminars and host occasional workshops and meetings:

Formal Seminars

These are held every Monday at 4pm in Pevensey 3 4C10.

Informal Seminars

These are held every Thursday at 10am in Pevensey 3 5C11.

Seminar Archive


Workshops and Meetings


EPP Seminars

These are held every Thursday at 1pm in Pevensey I 2A12