Thermo-fluid Mechanics Research Centre

TFMRC Consultants

At the TFMRC in the University of Sussex we have a broad range of experience and technical knowledge in the general areas of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. We have worked and published in the following areas and we would like to offer you our services.

  • Turbomachine Design: turbines and compressors, radial and axial.
  • Computational prediction of heat transfer and fluid flow.
  • Experimental work: wind tunnels and rotating machines, heat transfer and flow measurements
  • Large Eddy simulation of complex flow fields.
  • Instrumentation development, intrusive and non-intrusive.
  • Three dimensional design of non-axisymmetric endwalls.
  • Unsteady fluid mechanics of rotating machines of all types.
  • Biomechanics: heart pumps and respiratory devices.
  • Flow characterisation of valves.

Our consultancy services are offered under the umbrella of the University of Sussex. Contracts are between the client and the university; rates are determined centrally.

If you would like to make an enquiry, please contact: Dr. Christopher Long