Sussex Unconditional Offer Scheme (SUOS)

If you receive an offer from Sussex, you'll be considered for the Sussex Unconditional Offer Scheme. You may be selected for the scheme if you are applying for an eligible subject and have shown evidence of exceptional performance at school. If you then choose Sussex as your firm choice, you'll receive an unconditional offer.

What is the Sussex Unconditional Offer Scheme?

Whilst our demanding offer levels mean that all applicants to Sussex have impressive levels of academic ability, the scheme identifies those with evidence of exceptional performance in their schooling to date.

If you have received a conditional offer for a subject area that is in the scheme, we will review your application again.

If you are then selected for the scheme and commit to Sussex as your firm choice through UCAS, we will match this commitment by making your offer unconditional ahead of completion of your current exams.

The scheme is designed to attract the best students to contribute to our continuing academic success, whilst also taking some of the pressure off you as you prepare for your final school examinations.

Students selected for the scheme often go on to achieve the Sussex Excellence Scholarship. The scholarship is not connected to SUOS but motivates applicants to achieve at the highest levels.

  • How the scheme works

    If you are made a conditional offer by Sussex, there is an additional selection period which takes place from January onwards. This selection period is for the Sussex Unconditional Offer Scheme.

    Decisions about whether you've been selected for the scheme are released from January onwards and details will be included in the formal offer via UCAS. Your offer via UCAS Track will say that you have been selected for the Sussex Unconditional Offer Scheme.

    If you are selected and then commit to Sussex by choosing us as your firm/first choice, we will match this commitment by making your offer unconditional ahead of completion of your current examinations.

  • Accepting Sussex as your firm choice and receiving your unconditional offer 

    When you respond to our Sussex Unconditional Offer Scheme offer, by choosing Sussex as your firm choice, we will make your offer unconditional by confirming your place at Sussex.

    We don't do this immediately, as we allow a 14 day period in case you want to change your mind about your choices. We will confirm your place and make the offer unconditional after the 14 days has elapsed.

  • Accepting Sussex as your insurance choice

    Our aim is to admit students who really want to come to Sussex.

    Choosing a course and a university is an important decision and, whilst we hope students selected for the scheme will want to join us, we feel it is important that you demonstrate your commitment by selecting Sussex as your firm/first choice via UCAS in order to receive the benefits of an unconditional offer.

    If you decide to put Sussex as your Insurance choice, your offer remains conditional. 

  • Deadline for the scheme

    The only deadline for responding to our offer is the one set by UCAS.

    For most applicants this will be early May, but the deadline depends on when you receive all of your decisions. As long as you accept Sussex as your firm choice via UCAS Track we'll confirm your place.

  • Choosing applicants for the scheme

    We select students on the basis of academic achievement to date in completed examinations (such as AS levels and GCSEs).

    We also take into account other factors such as subject combination, performance in relevant disciplines, the academic reference and the personal statement.

    Although predicted grades may be considered, our main focus is on proven academic ability and results achieved to date.

    Is everyone considered for the scheme? 

    All applicants who are holding offers for courses that are part of the scheme are considered. However as the scheme is aimed only at those with exceptional academic results to date, many applicants will not be selected.

    We only select around 350 students from across all eligible subjects, so if you are chosen then you've submitted an exceptional application.

    If you are not selected for the scheme, we are still very keen for you to come to Sussex. We receive far more applications than we have places to offer, so receiving an offer in the first place is a great success. If you have been made a conditional offer, our Admissions tutors have recognised your success to date and seen the potential for you to suceed at Sussex.

    We hope that you will consider accepting our offer as your firm choice via UCAS Track. If you have any questions about your offer or want to discuss anything about your conditions, call our Admissions Office on +44 (0)1273 678416.
  • Courses included in the scheme

    Many but not all of our courses are included in the scheme.

    When you apply to Sussex, your course will be taught within one of our 12 academic schools of study. Courses included in the scheme are offered by the Schools of:

    There are also some individual courses in other Schools which are included in the scheme. These are:

  • Achieving your predicted grades

    If you are selected for the scheme, your place will be made unconditional as soon as you firmly accept your offer via UCAS Track. This means your place is not dependent on your final school examinations.

    We would expect you to go on to perform well in your final school examinations (and there is the Sussex Excellence Scholarship to reward exceptional performance). But your place at Sussex will not be dependent on final performance nor whether you achieve your predicted grades.

  • Your academic performance

    We don't believe the scheme stops students working hard and past students from the scheme have gone on to achieve excellent results.

    If you have been selected for the scheme, you have demonstrated a very strong academic record and a clear motivation to succeed and we don't believe you'll lose this drive because we have made your place unconditional. 

    Good grades provide a strong foundation for university-level study and good A-level results are also important for your future career (with many employers shortlisting on the basis of A-level and other school leaving results). 

    And our Sussex Excellence Scholarship aims to encourage you to achieve your potential.

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