Academic Technology Approval Scheme for undergraduate students

If you are an international student applying for certain science- or engineering-based courses, you must apply for Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance.

What is ATAS? 

ATAS is a scheme run by the UK Government. It requires international students who are applying for certain sensitive technology-based subjects to apply for an ATAS certificate before they can study in the UK and before they apply for their visa.

Do I need ATAS clearance?

You need to apply for ATAS clearance if you are not a national of an European Area (EEA) country or Switzerland, and you are applying for a science or engineering-based course.

Use the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website to find out which countries are in the EEA and if you need an ATAS clearance certificate.

How do I apply for ATAS clearance? 

If you apply for a course which requires ATAS clearance, you will receive information about making an ATAS application with your offer letter from Sussex. 

To apply for ATAS clearance, complete an online application form on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

Which courses require ATAS clearance?

You need an ATAS certificate if you are applying for: 

When to apply

You can apply for ATAS after you receive an offer from us, but you must have ATAS clearance before you can register at the University.

You must also have your ATAS clearance in place before you make your Tier 4 student visa application. We can't issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) to you without proof of ATAS clearance. 

For more information about applying for ATAS clearance see the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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