Continuing professional development courses

If you or your staff need to upgrade your skills or see things from a fresh perspective we can help you update your knowledge through continuing professional development courses.

What do we offer?

See the CPD courses we offer to businesses, public and third sector organisations and policy makers below.

CPD courses for business and entrepreneurs

We offer courses including:

  • Sussex MBA Partnership Scheme 

    The Sussex MBA Partnership Scheme is designed for local businesses, business groups and entrepreneurs.

    It provides access to local, flexible, study on the MBA at discounted rates. The Sussex MBA is built on the four pillars including:

    • digital work – the move to digital technologies and virtual work environments
    • innovation – the need for new strategies to adapt to disrupted environments
    • resilience – employee wellbeing and the sustainability of business models
    • policy – to lobby and influence policy-makers at local, regional and national levels.
  • Masters degrees

    You can develop your career with a course from our diverse range of Masters degrees. Or choose an online Masters degree, so you can learn wherever you are in the world.

  • Language courses

    We also offer a range of Foreign Language Courses through our affordable, fun and comprehensive short courses. Explore a range of lunchtime and evening classes to fit your lifestyle.

  • Bespoke courses

    We can work with you to create courses tailored to your requirements. We can deliver courses online or in person – using our facilities on campus, your premises, or a combination of each.

CPD courses for public and third sector organisations

We offer courses including:

Education-related professional development courses

The Department of Education at the University of Sussex offers Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training both within the UK and internationally.

It has a long history of offering bespoke international educational consultancy services, especially in areas of teacher development and educational leadership.

It also offers a range of flexible, distinctive and innovative opportunities for the continuing professional development of UK partnership teachers.

Areas covered include:

  • curriculum design
  • professional knowledge
  • assessment
  • reflective practice
  • educational psychology
  • disability and inclusion. 

Find out more about these courses.

Read about two major continuing professional development events run by the Department of Education at the University of Sussex.

For policy makers

We offer courses including:

Science, technology and innovation policy for turbulent times

The Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex Business School is one of the world's leading centres of research on science, technology and innovation policy and management.

This course:

  • engages with current debates around industrial transformation, artificial intelligence, clean growth and innovation within the multilateral trading system
  • shares experiences and insights with international policymakers in your field.

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