12 Research Stories

These 12 stories celebrate a rich diversity of research at Sussex, all of which is making a difference – whether that’s changing perceptions, shaping policy and practice, or working in partnership to bring about positive change.

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Natasha Slutskaya

‘Dirty work’ but someone has to do it

Natasha Slutskaya gives a voice to London's bin workers in her research

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Winfried Hensinger

The quantum computer that could change our lives

Winfried Hensinger says he will ‘change, bend or sometimes even break the rules’

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Alison Phipps

Addressing ‘lad culture’, fighting for change

Universities need to be what they’re meant to be – forces for progress, says Alison Phipps

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Sri Subramanian

Feeling without touching?

Sri Subramanian is manipulating sound to revolutionise technology

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Sandra Webb

From diagnosis to life with a genetic condition

Sandra Webb reveals how a Sussex researcher has helped her family to live with xeroderma pigmentosum

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Gordon Harold

Man on a mission ... to improve children’s mental health

Gordon Harold refuses to accept that mental health issues are inevitable and unaddressable

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Gail Davey

Tackling a crippling disease across the tropics

Gail Davey aims to conquer podoconiosis in Ethiopia and beyond

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Maya Unnithan

Infertility in India – a loaded issue

Maya Unnithan is challenging mindsets to address inequalities and improve healthcare

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Thanadol Sutantiwanickul

Sharing the Sussex approach to research

Our International Junior Research Associate scheme gives Thanadol Sutantiwanickul new horizons

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Hope Wolf

What can Modernism offer us here and now?

Hope Wolf sheds new light on the relevance of the movement to our lives today

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Mika Peck

Save one species and countless others benefit

Mika Peck explains why saving the brown-headed spider monkey is crucial for our planet

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Dora Duka

Forget the hangover. Binge drinking is bad for the brain

Dora Duka reveals how too much alcohol means a ‘lose-lose situation’

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