Admissions policy

Our admissions policy sets out our aims for admitting students to Sussex, our admissions criteria, and describes how we assess your application.

Masters students sit at a table talking to each other at a cafe at the University of Sussex

Admissions policy

Sussex aims to offer a diverse, multicultural student community that is open and welcoming to those with the potential to pursue our courses successfully. Sussex has a long tradition of welcoming applicants with varied qualifications and backgrounds. We work towards this by: 

  • providing educational opportunities for all types of student satisfying the criteria of the policy, irrespective of their previous educational attainment, and reviewing each application individually on its merits
  • attempting to recruit a diverse student community with regard to gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, socioeconomic background and disability.

The University is committed to:

  • equality of opportunity as set out in our Equality and Diversity Policy. The University aims to treat all applications fairly, equally, courteously and promptly
  • taking properly into account all relevant factors bearing on the applicants’ previous and likely attainment
  • offering information and special assistance to applicants who need it, particularly those with a disability and those from overseas.

Equality and Diversity Policy

The University of Sussex is committed to ensuring that staff and students are recruited, selected, trained, assessed, promoted and otherwise treated solely on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities.

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