Student Life Centre

Students with children

The Student Life Centre is here to support you throughout your studies helping you to achieve your goals for you and your children.

At Sussex we understand that all students are different and everyone has a life outside University which can impact on their studies.  Sussex has a long tradition of welcoming and supporting students who are also parents so if you are a parent while you are studying we have a range of facilities and services which are intended to meet  your needs.

These resources include:

Student Life Advisors who are well informed about all the resources available to provide support whatever your issues.

In-person confidential appointments with Advisors can be booked in advance but we also offer email advice, run on-the-day Welfare Drop-In Sessions and can provide telephone appointments.  

Student Life Advisors understand that studying while also holding responsibility for the welfare and education of children brings particular challenges and rewards.

There may be times when

  • it seems like there is just not enough time to fit in all your commitments and therefore everything is compromised
  • it feels like you have such split priorities that you are not sure what to first
  • it seems like you inhabit two disconnected worlds which are incompatible

There may also be times when

  • it seems like you are learning so much that nothing is static and everything is an exciting challenge
  • you really get to extend yourself to meet your potential
  • things feed into one another and everything builds to take you in the right direction