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How do you manage your time

Answer the following questions to receive feedback on your use of time.

Do you spend time cleaning your room, doing the washing up or playing on the computer before you start studying?

Do you have lots to do yet can't seem to say no when people ask you to do something else?

Does it take you ages to find your lecture notes?

Do you find that things always take twice as long as you thought they would?

Do you start lots of things and then struggle to finish them?

Do you find it difficult to know where to start with all the things you have to do?

Are you often the last to know about timetable changes or cancelled lectures?

Do you find yourself unable to concentrate when you try and study?

Do your friends complain that they hardly ever see you and you're studying too much?

Do you miss deadlines because of unexpected events (e.g. car running out of petrol, the printer running out of ink, the bus arriving late etc)?

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