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Poster printing

We have a state of the art poster printer on site and can offer cutting edge print quality at high speed and competitive prices. Suitable for presentation poster work, high quality art prints or high volume plan printing on plain paper, if you need to print anything larger than A3 and up to A0 in size (and beyond!) we can assist you.

Poster printer

We can print any size up to a maximum of 90 x 135cms on our standard 190gsm silk coated poster paper.
Normal turnaround time is
2 working days, but we can often beat that if you need something at short notice!

Prices for standard sized poster prints are shown on the right.

Poster sizes larger than our maximum, posters printed on special materials, laminated or mounted are sourced from an approved external supplier and the lead time may be longer depending on the job. Prices by quotation.

Creating posters using Powerpoint - Quick Tips
If you are using Powerpoint to create your poster, these tips will help you to avoid problems!

To get started quickly you can download Powerpoint poster templates from the Feature box on the right. If you are designing your poster from scratch, please follow the guidance below.

Check the page size
The default page size in Powerpoint is screen size, which does not correspond to the standard A-series page sizes. Before you start creating your poster, go to the 'Design' tab in Powerpoint and select 'Slide Size', then 'Custom Slide Size' and then enter the correct dimensions for the poster size you want:

Standard poster sizes
A2  42.0 x 59.4cms
A1  59.4 x 84.1cms
A0  84.1 x 118.9cms

Don't enlarge small images
Small pictures or low-resolution graphics which have come from the internet are not usually good enough quality to use on a poster - they will look very poor when printed at large sizes.

Leave space at the edges
Make sure there is always at least a 5mm gap between the edge of your poster text and the edge of the page - if there is no gap the text might be partially cropped off when we trim your poster to size.

Export to PDF
We can print straight from your Powerpoint file, but it's risky! If you've used fonts which we don't have, or used a different version of Powerpoint, your poster might print out differently from what you expected. We recommend you always save your poster as a PDF file, which is a more stable file format and prevents these problems from arising in most cases.

For detailed guidance on how to set up your poster artwork, you might find our Guidelines for producing print-ready digital artwork helpful.

Poster prices

Standard posters

Colour print on 190gsm poster silk

A2   £10.00  (extras £5.00)
A1   £15.00  (extras £10.00)
A0   £30.00  (extras £20.00)
Non-standard sizes by quotation

Canvas posters

Due to popular demand we now offer poster prints on canvas material which can be folded and packed for travel: colour print on 340gsm polycotton canvas

A2   £20.00  (extras £10.00)
A1   £30.00  (extras £20.00)
A0   £50.00  (extras £35.00)
Non-standard sizes by quotation

CAD/plan prints

Line drawings colour or black and white print on 90gsm plain paper

A2   Colour £2.50   b/w £1.25
A1   Colour £5.00   b/w £2.50
A0   Colour £10.00   b/w £5.00

Photographic prints

High-resolution colour photo print on 240gsm photosatin

A4   £4.00  (extras £2.50)
£8.00  (extras £5.00)
   £15.00  (extras £10.00)
A1   £25.00  (extras £20.00)
A0   £40.00  (extras £30.00)
Non-standard sizes by quotation