Cognitive Psychology

We have wide-ranging interests in learning, memory, problem-solving, decision-making, attention, perception, consciousness, and language and communication (including communication in non-human mammals):

  • our research on sensation, perception and attention studies the complex neural systems by which our brains process and interpret external sensory input.
  • our research examines processes of higher-order cognition that involve memory, language and thought.
  • we also investigate implicit learning (including computational simulations), awareness of knowledge states, and mind wandering.
  • and our experts in mammal communication and cognition specialise in using acoustic analysis and playback, visual presentations or psychoacoustic experiments to address novel questions about communication and cognition abilities in animals and humans.

As well as normal adult cognition we study both developmental issues and various pathologies. We use a variety of techniques, including traditional behavioural methods, and modern neuroscientific methods, such as EEG/ERP TMS, and fMRI.

Dr Sophie Forster is the group leader. Members of the Cognitive Psychology group are associated with the Psychological Methods and Sensory Systems strategic focus areas.

Several members are part of Sussex Neuroscience and linked to CISC, so the group also has links with the Brighton and Sussex Medical School and the School of Life Sciences through these.

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