Be Happy and Get in Shape

Based on real-life stories of participants in the Consortium on Practices of Well-being and Resilience in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Families and Communities (Co-POWeR). With contributions from Professor Maria Stokes and Dr Olatundun Gafari from Co-POWeR Work Package 4.

Script by Alda Terracciano
Illustrations by Edgar Lushaju
Project supervision by Co-POWeR Co-Investigator Professor Raminder Kaur.

              The title page of graphic narrative  'Be Happy and Get in Shape'Drawings of people in and out o COVID bubbles with text Oh, I miss Alice from one bubble and Oh, "I really miss Gran", from another. The caption reads Latest news from the government: "You are allowed to create a support bubble with another household"Two friends outside a hospital, a park and a shop. Their conversation is written in dialogue bubbles: A: Tell me what’s your superpower? G: I can see through things and people. I see people lying in bed with covid, diabetes, cancers, hypertension, heart diseases….Experts talking to community members. They say "Several studies have shown people who are Black or Asian have a higher risk of getting these diseases. These diseases can be prevented and for people who already have them, the risk can be managed.There are things beyond our control, like our interactions with the environment and other social factors.Graphic text reading 'Superpower in Supermarkets'The conversation continues at a vegetable stall: "We can eat healthy and get in shape....What about going for a colour hunt game through the supermarket shelves? Then people can get five colours a day! A balanced diet gives your body the strength you need to fight whatever comes."The conversation continues at a group picnic in the park "unprocessed food is better for you, like pilau rice with fresh vegetables cooked in a bit of garlic, olive oil, fresh ginger, and a bit of spice, next to some roasted meat or fish or boiled pulses. Done in less than half an hour! Can you add some salad granddad?The discussion continues by the pool: "You know, swimming is a very gentle form of exercise, good for the joints, suitable for the young and the old, grandparents and grandchildren. We can bond and have fun while we exercise, and everybody can swim, even if it’s just doggy paddle!Two women dressed now for swimming stand by poolsideTwo women dressed now for swimming stand by poolsideThe surace of the water splashes up with the word 'splash'

              Final pack page of graphic narrative with credits.