Coronavirus (Covid-19) research

Why collective behaviour will get us through the Covid-19 pandemic

Sussex psychologist Professor John Drury is among a group of behaviour scientists giving the UK government guidance during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Reduction in stress levels for SEND children

A Sussex study into the effects of lockdown on children with special educational needs and disabilities has found the majority felt less stress and anxiety away from school.

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Complacency over herd immunity

Mathematicians at Sussex have warned about the risk of complacency over the level of ‘herd immunity’ required to stem the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Making predictions about Covid-19

A University of Sussex researcher is leading the development of Covid-19 forecasting reports which are being used by leading public health organisations.

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Time to play

Child mental health experts tell ministers children must be free to play with friends to ease the stress of life in lockdown.

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Family life and wellbeing

A team of Sussex psychologists is investigating how family life and well-being are being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Attitudes to alcohol intake

A new research project is exploring how the coronavirus lockdown is affecting people's attitudes towards drinking and their alcohol intake.

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Open-source hardware and 3D printing

Free open-source hardware and 3D printing could help to alleviate the burden of Covid-19 on global health systems, according to scientists at the University of Sussex.

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Mathematical modelling for policymakers

New mathematical modelling finds that if the objective is to safeguard the ability of health services to cope, policymakers should intervene early and aim for two small peaks in infections, rather than one large peak.

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