UN High Level Political Forum side event

Date: 11th July 2018, 13:00 – 14:15

Location: Conference room 3, UN Conference building, New York

Prof Gyan Baffour, Minister for Planning, Government of Ghana
Prof Joseph Alcamo, Director Sussex Sustainability Research Programme
Dr Bediako, Director General, National Development Planning Commission, Government of Ghana
Mrs Ghartey, Chief Economic Officer, Ministry of Finance, Government of Ghana;
Pierre Boileau, UN Environment, Director Global Environment Outlook,
Paula Caballero, Managing Director, World Resources Institute (TBC)

The government of Ghana and the University of Sussex present:
Building on synergies and exploring financing options for effective implementation of the SDGs

Enormous resources will be needed to implement the SDGs, so a key question is how to achieve them efficiently? Research is beginning to show that many goals can be achieved at the same time by taking advantage of “synergies” among them and by avoiding trade-offs. This has a high potential for saving resources which would be a major payoff to countries confronted with the high costs of implementing the SDGs. However, realising these savings will require a cross-cutting approach to the goals which will necessitate not only research but also a re-thinking of conventional development financing and of the strategies for achieving the global goals. Join our panel discussion about actions that take advantage of positive connections among the SDGs and that encourage innovative financing to achieve them.

Presentations from events

Joseph Alcamo HLPF Ghana side event presentation [PDF 957.30KB]

Joseph Alcamo HLPF side event ICSU presentation [PDF 802.47KB]

UN HLPF side event