The Middle East and North Africa Centre at Sussex (MENACS) brings together a diverse group of academics from across the University of Sussex.

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Drawing on a rich history of area studies and interdisciplinary research at Sussex, MENACS members engage in cutting-edge research and teaching related to the Middle East and North Africa from the perspective of specific disciplines.

MENACS is particularly strong in modern history, languages, literature, anthropology, international relations, politics, and development studies.  The geographic reach of its research stretches from North Africa to Afghanistan and Turkey to the Indian Ocean.  It seeks to place the Middle East and North Africa in global context, examining connections, interactions, and transnational networks.

The centre is involved in a range of activities related to the Middle East and North Africa, including:

  • Producing and publicising world-class research
  • Providing a forum for free discussion and debate, as well as promoting evidence-based policy and informed public discourse
  • Building connections with scholars around the world, especially in the MENA region

Centre members teach and supervise students from within discipline-focused degree programmes, though many single-honours undergraduate students can use their elective slots to follow the pathway in Middle Eastern Studies or the pathway in Arabic.  Find out more information about the University of Sussex pathway system.

To join MENACS, either as a member, a postdoctoral fellow or a visiting researcher, please get in touch with us directly at menacs@sussex.ac.uk.

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