Money and growing plants

Photo credit Sarayut_sy, from Adobe Stock.

Research areas

We research economic, societal and environmental issues and offer real-world global policy solutions that promote welfare and inclusive growth.

  • Economic development, health and wellbeing
  • Education and the future of the labour market
  • Sustainability and climate change
  • Macroeconomic stability, history and growth

Our approach

CeSWIG is distinctive in our effort to build new datasets for research. We apply quantitative approaches to policy questions of local and global significance. We also work collaboratively across disciplines and institutions. 

Our research is micro, macro, global and local. It analyses challenges to productivity growth, labour market effects of AI, macroeconomic stability, political economy, family and households, and sustainable development. It focuses on issues facing individuals as well as the entire economy.

Our members participate in projects involving extensive data collection. They also work with capacity building, evidence-based policy advice, and community engagement.

Policy papers