Research students


Alessio Francesco Palmieri-Marinoni: Theory and practice of theatrical costume for Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen (1886). 

The aim of this research is to investigate the theory and practice of stage costumes for Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen (1886), with the aim of understanding the meaning of stage costume for Wagner, its relation to set-design, and to Wagner’s broader theories of theatrical realism, myth and history. The project involves extensive archival research into Wagner’s correspondence concerning costume, and designs and images related to the development of the Ring costumes. The thesis will include reconstruction of some of Wagner’s original Ring costumes.


Athanasios IM-Medea Polymeneas Liontiris

Posthumanism and remediation in music theatre

A practice-based research project in experimental music theatre that investigated the theoretical notions of posthumanism, cybernetics and remediation when practically applied to music theatre. The research was particularly focused on creating new immersive music theatre experiences, involving novel interactive and cybernetic methods between music, technical system, performers and audiences. It involved a generative type of performance orchestrated by computational and interactive processes, in which the author ceases to be the composer exclusively. Completed 2019

This practice-led project examineopera in light of the current critical attention to animals, both real and metaphorical, and their often hidden or overlooked presences in human culture. Completed 2017 

A practice-based project taking Grotowski's theory and practice of the musicalisation of theatrical performance as the basis for an examination of the potential of such approaches from the perspective of a composer. Completed 2013 

This practice-based study was concerned with the role of sound in the presentation and representation of bodies in performance art that incorporates digital technologies. It consists of a written thesis accompanied by a portfolio with documentation of original artwork.  Completed 2011 

Dylan Robinson

The relationship between musicology and musical performance

A practice-based project to reassess the relationships between musicology and music performance, developing performative and artistic methodologies for musicology and conceptually-based performance practices for music. The research addressed the importance for musicology to develop performative and visual research methodologies that critique the limits of written discourse and explore alternative modes of critical inquiry. This research challenges the assumption that artistic methodologies are fundamentally ineffective forms of knowledge transmission. Completed 2009