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Our mission

SARIC aims to improve our understanding of addiction. We will achieve this by pursuing translational approaches that reach in into clinical interventions. This will make meaningful impacts on the daily lives of people with addictions and their families.

Our researchers have a wide range of expertise. We investigate all aspects of drug and alcohol misuse, including behavioural addictions.

We specialise in all elements of addiction science, including:

  • theoretical models
  • neuroscience
  • human psychopharmacology
  • clinical psychology
  • clinical trials
  • epidemiology
  • policy issues.

Our strategy is to develop international collaborations with research groups, clinical facilities, and institutions concerned with addiction.

We also recruit talented students, who are interested in addiction-focused research, to work with us.

Our people

Dr Bryan Singer

Dr Bryan Singer


Bryan joined SARIC in 2019 as a member, after moving to Sussex. He started collaborating on various addiction related projects with Aldo Badiani, founder of SARIC, and developed a regular seminar series to support research visits to Sussex. He became Co-Director of SARIC in 2020 and then transitioned into the role of Director in 2021. Bryan is passionate about increasing addiction research across the University and in developing engagement with community organisations.


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Dr Raquel Nogueira Arjona

Dr Raquel Nogueira Arjona


Raquel joined Sussex in November 2022 and shortly after was appointed Co-Director of SARIC. Her experience as clinical psychologist and interest in interdisciplinary projects on addiction added an all-round approach to SARIC, covering basic and applied research. Raquel is committed to promoting patient-informed research and involving families and service users in the research process. She has also a strong determination to foster international collaborations and partnerships that can enhance SARIC's addiction research on a global scale.

Email: R.Nogueira-Arjona@sussex.ac.uk

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Advisory board

Professor Harriet De Wit
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience
University of Chicago (Chicago, IL, USA)

Professor Marcus Heilig
Centre for Translational Psychiatric Research
University of Linköping (Linköping, Sweden)

Professor Terry Robinson
Department of Psychology,
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

Dr Yavin Shaham
National Institute on Drug Abuse, Intramural Research Program
National Institutes of Health (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Professor Dai Stephens
School of Psychology
University of Sussex (Brighton, UK)

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