Our research strategy

Find out about our research strategy, including our core strategic goals and how we aim to secure and enhance quality in our research.

Our core strategic goals

We are aiming to:

  • increase the number of research-leading staff, and developing a competitive, sustainable critical mass in research in targeted areas
  • have at least 50% of our units of assessment placed in the top 15 by 2018, with an overall place in the top 20 in the UK’s national assessment of research quality
  • double our research income to £54 million
  • increase the number of doctoral researchers to achieve an average of two for each member of staff
  • create three new large interdisciplinary research centres.

Quality and impact in research

The research environment at Sussex is designed to maximise the quality and impact of our research. We are a signatory to the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), and are committed to evaluating the quality of the full range of our research contributions on their own intrinsic merits. Our statement on DORA principles includes a process for implementing and embedding these principles across our institution.

To secure and enhance quality in research, we aim to achieve:

  • critical mass in key research areas
  • research that has high impact identified through its use and public recognition
  • an increase in research income
  • an improvement in our factilities, structures and support.

See full details of the Sussex 2025 strategic framework.

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