Assessment tools

Robin Banerjee's Sociogram Tools

  • These pages are designed to help you record and visualise patterns of interpersonal relationships in groups.  The pages have been createdespecially for teachers, educational psychologists, and other practitioners interested in patterns of peer acceptance and rejection among groups of pupils at school.

Robin Banerjee's Socio-Emotional Profile Questionnaires

  • These online questionnaires (which incorporate a sociogram) are designed to help you gain additional information about a child or young person’s emotional health and well-being, as well as to give a picture of the peer relationships and levels of social acceptance and rejection within a class or tutor group.  These are currently being used in various CRESS research projects in the UK, and all data is held securely at the University of Sussex. Please contact us if you would like to book training for using these questionnaires.

Guidance and an illustration of how these tools are being used to promote mental health and well-being at school can be found in this Slideshare.